Qualifications and Experience

The Product Manager:

  • has leadership experience in bringing a new software product to market – ideally in an enterprise context – and/or experience in managing an existing product through its early launch and development.  
  • brings a deep subject matter expertise in the green building sector, an understanding of the dynamic between stakeholders and a working knowledge of the key market drivers (regulatory, technological, and financial) affecting both that sector and the market potential for OPEN’s product offering.    
  • is well versed in key methodologies and practices in user research, user experience design, and software production; working with the technical and design teams, they will play a key role in understanding market and user insights and helping to translate those into valuable functional offerings.
  • Is an effective and empathetic people person, skilled and insightful in understanding the motivations and challenges of OPEN’s customers and users (in the government, property management, and property development sectors).  

Key Responsibilities

Pre-Development Cycle

  • Working with OPEN team, accountable for defining product market fit
  • Works closely with (or is) User Research & Testing Lead to refine product market fit and user profile
  • With the Fundraiser and the Executive-in-Charge, ensures that the project is appropriately resourced

During product Development Cycle:

  • Accountable for regular client and/or Steering Committee check-ins, including scheduling, agenda setting, and integration of findings into workflow.  
  • Works closely with (or is) User Research & Testing Lead to conduct user research and UX explorations
  • Where functioning as Sales & Product Marketing Lead, accountable for developing an actionable go-to-market plan

During Go-to-Market Cycle

  • Liaises with (or is) the Sales & Marketing Lead


  • Responsible for tracking industry and regulatory trends impacting the product, its fundability, and its competitive landscape
  • Accountable for client/funder relations and reporting

How can you apply?

Please send the following to jenna@opengb.com with the subject line Last Name, First Name, Product Manager.

1.   A one-page resume showing relevant experience
2.   A brief cover letter that explains how you meet the requirements and why you are interested in working with OPEN