LEED v4 Specifications

Project team:

Project Managed by Erica Letchford & Chris Kendall; Crowd-sourced by: Advicas, Blue Camas, EcoAmmo, Integral Group, Kane Consulting, Lighthouse, EQ Building Performance (formerly Provident Energy Management), Recollective


Available for download

In late 2016 OGBS identified a resource that all Canadian companies working on LEED buildings will need to help facilitate their work, that being template specifications for LEED-NC v4. Rather than each company privately funding and developing their own version, the question was asked of the community, “why not crowd-fund and crowd-edit this series of documents, and then give it away for free?” This approach is more cost-effective, increases quality and standardization (since many more people are contributing), and contributes to the greater good by giving the final product away.

8 separate competing firms across Canada agreed to cooperate to make this happen, and now you can freely download a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licensed LEED-NC v4, front-end specifications for Canadian projects. This is v1.0, so please share back any improvements you make so that we can compile them into the next version.

Imagine what else could be crowd-sourced and crowd-funded?

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