Our Story

Formerly the Open Green Building Society and Regenerative Applications Inc., we became OPEN in 2018 to streamline our focus towards software tools that promote the market adoption of high performance products and best practices in energy management for the built environment.

Our team has decades of experience in green building innovation, software development, and social venture start-up. With executive and management level experience in policy-making, real estate development, property management, architecture, energy modelling, product management, and business management, we have a holistic understanding of the building sector and the leverage points to create positive change. 

We believe that decisions informed by data and knowledge of industry trends are better decisions, and that regulatory, financial, social, and environmental objectives can be aligned as a result.

Our experienced and well-connected team works with partners in government, industry, and the finance sector to identify leverage points where sectoral transformations can be realized. 

OPEN’s low-barrier software tools provide elegant, accessible, and actionable information to decision makers and industry participants.

Our Team